Sierra Transportation Technologies has built and maintained trusted relationships with key leaders in the transportation control technology industry. These manufacturers use smart city solutions and the latest breakthroughs in LED lighting and artificial intelligence to provide safety, security, and convenience. Learn more about the partners we love to work with, who trust us to implement their products.

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Our Trusted Partners

Alcatel Lucent Logo
Alcatel Lucent Enterprise

Connect transportation subsystems with technology that works for all users of public transportation, public roads, and services.

Alpha Logo
Alpha Technologies
Designs AC, DC, and renewable power solutions custom-tailored to the traffic industry.
Camera & Lighting Lowering Systems Logo
Camera Lowering Systems

New lowering systems offer fast, safe and easy maintenance of cameras and other devices in high or inaccessible areas.

Carmanah Logo

Leading manufacturer of compliant solar and AC-powered systems for traffic safety.


Derq’s award-winning, A.I. powered platform helps tackle the most challenging road safety and traffic management issues.


American made traffic products since 1931. Utilizing the latest technology and the finest materials.

EDI Logo
Eberle Design Inc.

Developer of electronic intersection monitoring and detection products for traffic solutions

Houston Radar Logo
Houston Radar
High-quality, reliable radars for speed measurement, motion detection, and traffic data collection.

Global leader of smart mobility infrastructure management using cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and advanced sensors

Leotek Logo
Developing innovative new lighting products and providing solutions that are reliable, durable, and energy efficient.
Lufft Logo

Weather monitoring sensors and systems that help to increase safety on roads and railways.

Lumi Trak Logo

Safer overhead light fixture retrieval system for maintaining highway sign and roadside lighting.


Cloud based EVP, TSP, and snow plow preemption utilizing machine learning for reducing congestion, improving air quality, and ensuring reliable emergency response times.

Mitchell Technology Logo
Mitchell Technology

LED Test Cabinet Display Model 578 provides a compact means to monitor traffic signal cabinet operation.

Mobotrex Logo

Innovative products for transforming traffic trouble spots into safe, efficient intersections.

MS Sedco Logo
MS Sedco

Manufacturer of sensor and switch systems for pedestrian and traffic detection.

Pacific Innovations Enterprises Logo
Pacific Innovations
The first and the best choice for traffic sign & signal cover solutions and improving work zone safety.
Pelco Logo
Pelco Products Inc

Hardware manufacturer of traffic light brackets, poles, push-buttons, and copper theft deterrents.

Q Free Logo

Advanced transportation control management software and controllers with MIB’s available to all.

Reno A&E Logo
Reno A&E
Products designed to meet public agency specifications for equipment used to control vehicular & pedestrian traffic.
Siemens Logo
Siemens Industrial

Leader in transport technology hardware and software for strategic traffic management.

Teleste Logo
Well-integrated and service-minded, highly operative video security and information systems.
Temple Edge Logo

High-quality, long-lasting, internally-illuminated LED traffic signs designed for easy maintenance.

Traffic Signal Hardware Logo
Traffic Signal Hardware

Producing high-quality framework and parts. Hardware servicing the traffic signal industry.

Waysine Logo

Solar-powered, real-time pole and shelter mounted smart signs for transportation stops.

WTI Logo

Innovative video surveillance systems to enhance the safety and security of our environments.

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