Smart Traffic Systems

Traffic Signals & Cameras

Intelligent Transportation Solutions

We introduce and implement smart transportation systems and technologies that assist constantly evolving community needs. From traffic flow to pedestrian safety, we’ve got you covered.

Products & Consulting

Not only can we suggest the best products in the industry, but we build some of them in-house. We also partner with the finest manufacturers to provide quality products that stand the test of time and weather.

Pedestrian Safety
Customer Support

Customer Service & Support

We’re committed to providing cutting-edge products, integrity, and delivering uncompromising regard for outstanding customer service now, and in the future.

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Traffic Signals & Components

We fully assemble all traffic signal cabinets in-house, ensuring they are ready for any street setup.

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V2X Infrastructure

Wireless communication between roadside systems and vehicles, with Wi-Fi connectivity to pedestrian smart devices. 

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Smart City Equipment

Smarter city technology solutions that work hard and integrate with more to keep your city streets safe.

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Radar Detection
Reduce traffic, regulate freeway flow, and manage vehicle detection using wireless radar detectors.
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Transit Solutions

From bus shelter lighting and signage to AI cameras, ensure peace of mind in public transit spaces with the best tech.

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Pedestrian Safety

Crosswalk beacons, RRFB, street lights, speed radars, and other options will keep pedestrians safe on as they travel.

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Roadway Weather Info Systems

Stay up-to-date with and clearly communicate accurate weather updates for vehicles and tech systems.

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Wrong Way Driver Detection

Visible signage that can’t be missed – avoid fatalities with clear indications of driving directions.

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Active Threat Detection

Smart technology with facial recognition and artificial intelligence to prevent, track, and avoid active shooter scenarios

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